Pre-Sales Questions :

Yes, IPTV4KOTT offers you a 24 H TRIAL so you can properly  test all our 10000+ Live Channels, and all our On-demand Movies, Box sets and TV series, so you can NowWatchTVLive and get to see why we live up to our name to IPTV4KOTT.

With IPTV4KOTT there’s no requirement for You to take out any paid subscription after the Trial has lapsed; that is purely optional and your choice, but we think that once you’ve seen what high quality TV over the internet looks like, you’ll want to enjoy IPTV4KOTT services.

One of the big (and unique) benefits our IPTV4KOTT Monthly Subscriptions is you can switch your subscription OFF and ON as you need it, which means you only need to pay for your TV when you need the TV services.

We would recommend at least 5mbps download speed with your internet, to NowWatchTVLive, though our services do work on as little as 3mbps download, and we do offer ‘Low Internet TV Channels’ as part of your package if you are on a slower internet speed.  To check your internet speed simply connect your internet and using your internet browser go to www.SpeedTest.net then run a speed test. This will tell you both download and upload speeds of your internet.

Yes you can NowWatchTVLive with IPTV4KOTT on your mobile, tablet, in fact any mobile device, Apple or Android.  IPTV4KOTT services work on most devices – TVs, Tablets,  and Mobile Phones, and we are in development of an App to also IPTV4KOTT on your laptop and desktop PC – coming soon! 

There are lots of ‘cheap, low quality’ IPTV providers, and yes they are very different to what WatchBestTV offers!  We are rated #1 in Europe for a reason. To COMPARE what we offer HERE, and SEE THE DIFFERENCE watch our ‘Demo’ here – Better still take out a  TRIAL and see for yourself what high quality TV over the internet looks like.

In the end you have to decide how much your viewing pleasure matters?  If you are happy with poor quality picture, out-of-sync sound, constant buffering watching a whirling wheel on your screen whilst you miss your favourite programme, with difficult to understand menus, and hard to find channels and programmes, all just to save a few Euros a month, then the ‘cheap, low quality’ option may be for you.

If you like beautiful 4K,HD quality pictures, with no buffering, perfect sound/picture sync, with massive choice of channels, movies, sport, box sets and more, backed up by real people in support and customer service, all for an incredibly affordable price, then IPTV4KOTT is for you!  Take a  TRIAL today and you will see what we mean!

…and don’t forget, you can enjoy IPTV4KOTT from as a little as 10 € a month (on an annual subscription).

How to Connect to IPTV4KOTT IPTV- Pick your Device:

If you have a MAG 254/256/322/324 set-top box, follow our User Setup Guide which you can download from HERE

If you don’t have a MAG set-top box, you can order one from our online store at a discounted price, shipped direct to your door – please message us first using Contact Us so we can give you best price and shipping cost.

Note: our IPTV4KOTT IPTV service does work on an older MAG250 box but as this model is no longer supported by the manufacturer with software updates, it may have issues. We would suggest you upgrade your MAG250 to the latest MAG324 set-top box

If you have either a Samsung or LG SmartTV (no older than 2013) then follow these instructions to set up your IPTV4KOTT IPTV on your SmartTV.

We recommend a media controller app called ‘Smart-STB’. This app is free to use for a period of seven days. Then, if you want to keep it, you can choose to pay $2.99 a month OR a one-time fee for a lifetime licence for $27.99 (payable to Smart-STB, not us).

  1. Make sure your SmartTV is connected to your internet.

  2. Go to your Samsung or LG SmartTV App Store and search for the App ‘Smart-STB’.

  3. Install the ‘Smart-STB’ App on your SmartTV.

  4. You then need to open an account with Smart-STB on their website HERE  …you can get a 7-day Free Trial of the App

  5. To activate your Smart-STB app licence you will need your TV’s Software MAC address (NOT the virtual MAC address) by following the info explained HERE

  6. Once you’ve activated your Smart-STB app you will have a Virtual MAC address (starting with 00:1A:79) – make a note of the Virtual MAC Address displayed on the TV screen as we will need it to activate your subscription.

  7. Subscribe to the IPTV4KOTT IPTV Plan of your choice HERE  or register for your ‘Free Trial’ HERE  [Make sure you include your TV’s Virtual MAC address, starting 00:1A:79 on your WatchBestTV subscription or free trial form].

  8. We will get you connected and enjoying IPTV4KOTT as soon as we can after receiving your completed subscription.

You can enjoy IPTV4KOTT IPTV on your Apple iphone, iPad and AppleTV, or on your Android phone, tablet or TV box, using the GSE mobile App. 

  1. Go to your Apple or Android App Store and get the GSE app.
    On your Android device download GSE app .

    On your Apple device download GSE app 

  2. Choose your IPTV4KOTT IPTV Plan and subscribe HERE  or your ‘Free Trial‘ HERE.  Then once we receive your completed form we will email you your Login Username and Password.

  3. Download and open the GSE app on your device. .

  4. Then use the Username and Password we have emailed to you, 


If you have any other device that is not listed above, Contact Us and we can let you know if we support your device with IPTV4KOTT IPTV.

Troubleshooting Questions: :

Check the connection from the STB to your television whether it is a HDMI lead or AV lead. Disconnect and reconnect both ends of the cable from the STB and TV. To NowWatchTVLive, make sure your TV is set to the correct output source. Your TV should have options to set the output mode (check your TV manual if you don´t know how to do this).

Check the correct TV source is selected, depending on whether you are using the AV cable that came with your STB, or an HDMI. Example – check the cable from the box and see which socket it is connected to on your TV. If it is connected to HDMI1 then using your TV remote change the source to HDMI1. On your remote you may have a button with a square and arrow pointing into it for source, it may say input, AVI.

Select the source that matches where your cable is plugged in, make sure your box is on with a blue light on the front and it should work. If you continue to have problems, we recommend you try a new cable to connect them. If the problem continues please contact us

When you start to NowWatchTVLive the STB says “Loading” – if it gets stuck it means it cannot connect to the Internet at all. If you’re STB is connected directly to the router with an Ethernet cable Make sure both end of the Ethernet cable are properly pushed in. There should be a light on on the router that corresponds to the port on the back that the STB is connected to. If the light is not on, there is a problem with the connection. You can try replacing the Ethernet cable or trying a different port. Otherwise you will need to contact your router supplier.

If you see at the top of the screen Connection Problem, then disconnect your TV box and also your router from the power. Reconnect your router and 5 minutes later connect your TV box to NowWatchTVLive.

Whatever your connection speed you can always catch up with your favourite TV programmes by downloading them from the TV websites. If you have a very slow connection speed (your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sets the limits on the bandwidth) then your live TV viewing may occasionally be affected. We recommend a minimum of 3 Mbps download speed to NowWatchTVLive streamed over the internet. To see your current download speed use our Speed Test

Make sure you read every detail on the screen in order to identify properly the problem, if it says at the top of the screen “Internet disabled” or “ethernet/wifi disabled” (depending on the method you are using to connect to the internet) you need to reboot the router and make sure you unplug and test it on a different device to prove the internet is working. Make sure your local connection is not having problems of any sort. Please bear in mind this system requires a different speed than your phone, laptop or iPad; therefore, the fact of them working fine doesn’t necessarily mean the connection is not failing.

This usually means the service has not been paid for, trial expired or maybe your card was declined. Please contact us to rectify.